NAMB's family of websites receive more than 2.2 million visitors per year. When I started working for NAMB, we had an agency-built website which looked great but was challenging for our team to edit and difficult for users to navigate.

We kicked off a six-month rebuild of the family of sites. When we were complete, we had a much more functional set of sites which remain in use today. The multi-site install allows dozens of stakeholders within the ministry to feel a sense of ownership over their section within the brand guidelines.

Multi-site capable

In addition to the “core” site, we needed to create several child sites which worked together.

Improve forms

We had a big challenge to get forms working with all the right systems. Previous forms required a user to login to an account in order to express interest.

Podcast network

The podcast network was a key part of our promotions strategy, so we built a custom podcast integration with WordPress.


Our structure needed to be flexible enough to accommodate very different audiences.